There are no strict rules about what a ‘greet’ should look like. Every greet will be arranged according to the interest of the guest and the Greeter´s special topic. To join a greet you have to register not later than two weeks before your arrival in Kassel. It is very easy – just use our application form.

According to the information you give us we will find the fitting Greeter for you. At an agreed place, your two to four hours discovery greet through Kassel will start.

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We will show you our favourite places, markets, squares, cafés. We will share experiences, stories and anecdotes with you. As Kassel ambassadors we can provide useful tips how to get around in Kassel, about public transport and about daily life in Kassel. In short: acquaint you with our city. We are glad to answer your questions and try to make your stay in Kassel as good as possible. Hopefully, you will not forget your Kassel experiences. Who knows, may be you won´t just make new contacts, but even start a new friendship – everything’s possible!

The Kassel Greeter people are voluntary and would be pleased to receive a donation.


All guests or groups take part at their own risk. They are not entitled to assert claims against a Greeter or the Kassel Greeters.