FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Do You have any more questions? Please send an e-mail to info@kasselgreeters.de

All of our Greeters are volunteers and follow an individual and spontaneous “walk with a friend” philosophy. This is why we limited the maximum group size to six persons. To every request there will be only one group (1 to 6 persons), so the guests always know each other.

As soon as we have found a Greeter fitting to a certain request, the guest receives all the necessary contact information (name, phone number, and e-mail-address) to make an arrangement about date, time and place of meeting. A copy goes to the Greeter. From that time on, guest and Greeter are on their own.

When registering on our website we ask our guests to provide different kinds of information (language, age, special interests, wishes). Based on that information we retrieve our Greeter pool and find the best possible Greeter for you. As soon as the greeter confirms the request, we will send you the necessary contact information. And then it is up to you to make contact with “your” greeter. In case we cannot find a fitting Greeter or he/she has no time, we will send you a cancellation.

A greet does not cost you anything. We enjoy getting to know you and showing you our Kassel. The Kassel Greeter people are voluntary and would be pleased to receive a donation.

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