Exploring Kassel with friends

Kassel, which celebrated its eleven-hundredth anniversary in 2013, has a great deal to offer. The Mountain Park with its unique water features and its landmark Hercules is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition the town has a wide range of museums, parks and gardens and many other attractions. It hosts the world art exhibition “documenta” every five years and was for decades the home of the Brothers Grimm, who published their collection of fairy tales here.

Nonetheless it is worthwhile to leave the well-trodden tourist paths and to explore Kassel with new friends, who can show you their own neighbourhood and give you an authentic picture of life in the town, enriched with their own stories and anecdotes. In this way you will get to know little known spots and special places which are only familiar to people who live here.

This is exactly what you can experience with us if you apply for a greet!